Figure 3: Breathing patterns and parasitemia from ALI/ARDS and HP mice over time. (a) and (b) Breathing patterns and (c) parasitemia from DBA/2 mice infected with P. berghei ANKA that developed ALI/ARDS and HP over time. (a) There was no evidence on the 5th and 9th DAI that the ALI/ARDS and HP mice had different breathing patterns. However, on the 7th DAI, there was evidence that the ALI/ARDS mice had a higher enhanced pause (Penh) (a) and a lower respiratory frequency (b) than the HP mice. Parasitemia increased over time in both groups (c). Results are representative from three independent experiments ( mice/experiment; , two way ANOVA with Bonferroni post test). The dashed line represents the mean value of NI mice; NI: noninfected mice; ALI/ARDS: acute lung injury/acute respiratory distress syndrome; HP: hyperparasitemia.