Figure 4: Functional capillary density (FCD) as a measure of capillary perfusion within mucosal villi. Calculated as total length of capillaries with erythrocyte perfusion within a predetermined rectangular field. Control group (CON); endotoxemia group LPS (5 mg/kg); LPS + HU308 (2.5 mg/kg), a CB2 receptor agonist; LPS + AM630 (2.5 mg/kg), a CB2 receptor antagonist/inverse agonist; LPS + URB597 (0.6 mg/kg), a FAAH inhibitor; LPS + JZL184 (16 mg/kg), a MAGL inhibitor. In every animal six mucosal regions were analyzed ( –5 mice/group). Data presented as mean ± standard deviation. versus control.