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C57BL/6 and A/J Mice Have Different Inflammatory Response and Liver Lipid Profile in Experimental Alcoholic Liver Disease

Figure 5

Liver cytokines in B6 and A/J mice after ethanol feeding for 10 weeks. Liver TNF-α (a), IL-6 (b), IL-17A (c), and IL-12p70 (d) concentrations in B6 and A/J mice after 10 weeks of HFD, HFDM, and HFDE. Livers were collected and frozen in liquid nitrogen. Lysates were prepared from frozen samples and cytokines (pg/mg protein) were measured by ELISA. Results from both B6 and A/J mice () were evaluated by ANOVA one-way and Tukey as a posttest. Values represent means and standard error. The differences are represented by , , and . HFD: high fat diet, HFDM: HFD containing maltodextrin, HFDE: HFD containing ethanol.