Research Article

The In Vivo Granulopoietic Response to Dexamethasone Injection Is Abolished in Perforin-Deficient Mutant Mice and Corrected by Lymphocyte Transfer from Nonsensitized Wild-Type Donors

Figure 1

Total and granulocyte counts in freshly harvested bone-marrow of Pfp mice and B6 wild-type controls. Data are Mean + SEM of the counts of total nucleated cells ((a), (d), (g), (j)), EPO+ cells ((b), (e), (h), (k)), and neutrophils ((c), (f), (i), (l)) in C57BL/6 (white bars) and perforin-deficient (Pfp, black bars) bone-marrow. (a)–(c) No matching of age or weight between mutant and control groups; (d)–(f) groups matched by weight (median = 21 g, range 19 g–23 g); (g)–(i) groups matched by age (all at 12 weeks); (j)–(l) groups matched by weight and age. For B6 and Pfp mice, respectively, in (a), and ; in (b), and ; in (c), and ; in (d) and (e), for both; in (f), and ; in (g), (h), and (i), for both. In (j), (k), and (l), for both. Significant differences between the indicated groups.