Research Article

The In Vivo Granulopoietic Response to Dexamethasone Injection Is Abolished in Perforin-Deficient Mutant Mice and Corrected by Lymphocyte Transfer from Nonsensitized Wild-Type Donors

Figure 3

Effectiveness of dexamethasone on in vitro eosinopoiesis in B6 and Pfp bone-marrow cultures. (a) IL-5-induced eosinopoiesis in liquid culture. Data are Mean + SEM of the number of EPO+ cells recovered from 7-day cultures established from B6 ((a), white bars) or Pfp ((a), black bars) in the presence of IL-5 (1 ng/mL). Dex, dexamethasone. Data were from 3 separate experiments, carried out in 3 different days, each providing data from 3 B6 and 3 Pfp mice ( for both strains). (b) GM-CSF-stimulated colony formation in semisolid culture. Data are Mean + SEM of colony counts in 7-day semisolid cultures from B6 (white bars) and Pfp (black bars) bone-marrow established in the presence of GM-CSF (2 ng/mL), alone or in association with Dex ( M). For cultures without (left) and with (right) Dex, data are, respectively, from B6, and ; Pfp, and . Significant difference between the indicated groups.