Research Article

The In Vivo Granulopoietic Response to Dexamethasone Injection Is Abolished in Perforin-Deficient Mutant Mice and Corrected by Lymphocyte Transfer from Nonsensitized Wild-Type Donors

Figure 5

Short-term reconstitution of responses to dexamethasone in Pfp mice by transfer of B6 splenic lymphocytes. Data are Mean + SEM of the total nucleated cells (a), EPO+ cells (b), and neutrophils (c) in freshly harvested bone-marrow of Pfp mice which had received total nylon-wool purified wild-type lymphocytes, or CD4-depleted lymphocytes, or CD8-depleted lymphocytes, i.v., 48 h before dexamethasone (5 mg/kg) i.p. injection. For controls given total lymphocytes before saline i.p. (first column, from left to right) and for experimental groups given total lymphocytes (second column), CD4-depleted lymphocytes (third column), or CD8-depleted lymphocytes (fourth column) before dexamethasone, groups had, respectively, , , , and . Significant differences between the indicated groups.