Table 2: Associations between adiponectin levels and adiposity status and inflammatory marker levels in Han Chinese patients in Taiwan.

Clinical and biochemical parametersUnadjusted
Adjusted for age, sex, BMI, and smoking status
value value

AnthropologyAge (years)0.1641.50 × 10−4
Body mass index (kg/m2)−0.3562.97 × 10−17−0.3214.18 × 10
Waist circumference (cm)−0.3653.84 × 10−18−0.2973.25 × 10

Inflammation markersCRP (mg/L)−0.2722.87 × 10−10−0.1862.22 × 10−5
Fibrinogen (mg/dL)−0.0570.189−0.0550.210
sE-selectin (ng/mL)−0.3189.77 × 10−14−0.1500.001
sP-selectin (ng/mL)−0.1190.006−0.0730.096
sVCAM1 (ng/mL)0.1631.72 × 10−40.1420.001
sICAM1 (ng/mL)−0.1340.002−0.1140.009
sTNFR2 (pg/mL)−0.0450.298−0.0040.923
MCP1 (pg/mL)−0.0500.252−0.0030.948
IL6 (pg/L)−0.0650.143−0.0330.463
MMP1 (pg/mL)−0.0070.878−0.0160.719
MMP2 (ng/mL)0.1190.0060.0620.159
MMP9 (ng/mL)−0.1130.010−0.0430.330
SAA (mg/L)−0.0090.8390.0410.352

Abbreviations as in Table 1.
CRP: patients with CRP levels >10 mg/L excluded.
Adjusted for age, sex, and smoking status only.