Figure 1: (a) Fluorescence and the overlay between fluorescence and phase contrast images showing the increase in the binding of fluorescently-labeled PLN (red) as compared with nontargeted LN on the surface of paraformaldehyde-fixed, TNF-α activated EC. DAPI-stained nuclei appear in blue. Scale bar: 40 μm. (b) The flow cytometry graphs illustrate the reduced uptake of fluorescently labeled PLN by TNF-α activated EC in the presence of excess of P-selectin binding peptide at 2 hours of incubation at 37°C. (c) Quantification of cellular uptake of fluorescently labeled LN and PLN in the absence or presence of excess peptide expressed as % of fluorescently labeled cells. Data represent the mean ± SD of three independent experiments, versus PLN in the absence of excess peptide. (d) Temporal visualization of PLN internalization by TNF-α activated EC (red), as revealed by confocal microscopy. DAPI-stained nuclei appear in blue. Scale bar: 40 μm.