Table 3: Effects of EGF on intestinal bacterial colonization and translocation.

AnimalsSignificant resultsReference

New Zealand white rabbitsEGF treatment significantly inhibits enteropathogenic Escherichia coli colonization in the small and large intestine[27]
Newborn rabbitsAdministration of EGF significantly reduced bacterial translocation and was associated with increased goblet cells in intestine[59]
RatsAdministration of EGF significantly reduced aerobic bacterial colonization[60]
White leghorn chicksEGF reduced Campylobacter jejuni colonization in the jejunum and dissemination to the liver and spleen and inhibited Escherichia coli translocation[30]
RatsAn intervention with EGF decreased fecal Escherichia coli colonization[8]
Early-weaned piglets EGF treatment decreased the amount of Escherichia coli in the ileum and cecum and Enterococcus counts in the ileum[21]