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Kinin Peptides Enhance Inflammatory and Oxidative Responses Promoting Apoptosis in a Parkinson’s Disease Cellular Model

Figure 3

The induction of iNOS mRNA expression and NO production in differentiated SK-N-SH cells by kinin peptides. Confluent cells were treated with 1 μM BK, 1 μM DAKD, or 5 mM MPP+ for different time intervals as described in Materials and Methods and iNOS mRNA expression was analyzed by Real-Time PCR (a). The NO released by confluent cells after treatment with kinin peptides without or in the presence of 2.5 mM MPP+ was analyzed with fluorometric assay, as described in Materials and Methods after 15-minute (b) or 30-minute incubation (c). The bars represent the mean percentage of the changes in comparison to untreated cells, assumed to show values equal to 100% (dashed line). At least three experiments were performed in triplicate. versus untreated cells; versus MPP+-stimulated cells.