Research Article

Metallothioneins 1 and 2 Modulate Inflammation and Support Remodeling in Ischemic Cardiomyopathy in Mice

Figure 6

Adverse myocardial remodeling in M-mice. Gene expression of remodeling-related transforming growth factor β isoforms (a) TGF-β1, (b) -β2, and (c) -β3. Representative tenascin C (TNC) staining of WT- ((d), arrow) and M-hearts ((e), arrow) after 3 days of (d) as well as the corresponding planimetric analysis (f). Representative left ventricular sections stained for myofibroblast marker α-smooth muscle actin (α-SMAC) after 7 days of show (g) only few interstitial myofibroblasts in WT-hearts (arrow) but (h) strong myofibroblasts staining predominantly in microinfarctions (arrow) of M-hearts after 7 days of . (i) Planimetric analysis of α-SMAC+ in both genotypes. = 8–10/group; scale bars in (d) and (e): 50 μm, in (g) and (h): 100 μm; RT-qPCR using Taqman; mRNA expression is related to shams and GAPDH using comparative ΔΔCt-method; indicates P ≤ 0.05 between the genotypes; # indicates P ≤ 0.05 versus respective sham.