Figure 4: Expression of CD44v6 and ALDH1A1 in NP460 cells and HK1 cells. (a) Double immunofluorescence staining of CD44v6 (green) and ALDH1A1 (red) in a normal nasopharyngeal cell line NP460 and an NPC cell line HK1. Nuclei were counterstained by DAPI (blue). Original magnification is 400x. Scale bar represents 50 μm. (b) CD44v6 or ALDH1A1 levels in HK1 cells in comparison with NP460 cells by Western blot analysis (). Expression levels of target proteins (CD44v6 and ALDH1A1) were normalized against the corresponding levels of GAPDH. (c) HK1 and NP460 were stained with CD44v6 and ALDH1A1 and subjected to flow cytometry analysis (). Data are shown as mean ± standard deviation. values were calculated using Student’s -test ().