Research Article

Systemic and Local Administration of Antimicrobial and Cell Therapies to Prevent Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus epidermidis-Induced Femoral Nonunions in a Rat Model

Figure 1

Treatments in the experimental groups. (a) All animals received MRSE locally. The picture represents the injection of the bacterial suspension within the site of the fracture. (b) Representative picture of the local treatment with rBMSCs in the site of the fracture 24 h after surgery. The picture represents the transcutaneous injection of rBMSCs after disinfection within the site of the fracture. (c) The l-VANC group received a vancomycin-enriched hydrogel locally layered on the plate surface before the fracture stabilization and (d) within the site of the osteosynthesis after the plate fixation. The pictures represent the distribution of 250 µL of the vancomycin-enriched hydrogel on the bottom (c) and top side of the plate (d).