Figure 2: (a) Immunoblotting was performed with an antibody specific for the PTP-1B. One band was identified at 50 kDa corresponding to the active PTP-1B. Results are expressed as OD values (mean ± SD). In this figure, also, we include data from piglets that were left to recover after 1 hour of hypoxia (for 1 day and for 15 days). (b) There was an increased expression of PTP-1B acutely after hypoxia that was maintained up to 15 days. Pretreatment with a Src inhibitor (PP2) did not affect the expression of PTP-1B in the acute phase 1 hour after hypoxia but blocked the expression of PTP-1B at 1 day posthypoxia. There was a trend for decreased PTP-1B expression at 15 days in piglets that were pretreated with PP2, but this did not reach statistical significance. Acute groups: Hx and Hx+PP2 versus Nx. #NS Hx versus Hx+PP2. Recovery 1 day: & Hx D1 versus Hx D1+PP2 and Nx. Recovery 15 days: NS Hx D15 versus Hx D15+PP2 and Nx.