Figure 3: NLRP3 siRNA does not affect TLR4 and HMGB1 levels after Epac1 agonist treatment. Western blot data from REC grown in normal glucose (NG), high glucose (HG), high glucose + Epac1 agonist (HG + 8-cpt-cAMP), high glucose + NLPR3 siRNA (HG + NLPR3 siRNA), high glucose + scrambled siRNA (HG + Sc), and high glucose + Epac1 +NLRP3 siRNA (HG + NLRP3 siRNA + 8-cpt-cAMP) for Epac1 (a), TLR4 (b), and cytosolic HMGB1 (c). . Data are mean ±SEM. versus NG; versus HG.