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Gene Expression, Oxidative Stress, and Senescence of Primary Coronary Endothelial Cells Exposed to Postprandial Serum of Healthy Adult and Elderly Volunteers after Oven-Cooked Meat Meals

Table 2

Representative genes with greatest fold differences in HCAEC exposed to fasting or postprandial serum from adult and elderly donors.

Probeset IDGene symbolGene nameFold-change postprandial versus fasting adult serum valueFold-change postprandial versus fasting elderly serum value

(a) Upregulated genes
205749_atCYP1A1Cytochrome P450, family 1, subfamily A3.7992<0.00012.49560.0008
228770_atGPR146G protein-coupled receptor 1462.03000.00031.88570.0361
227652_atFAM69BFamily with sequence similarity 69, member B1.53660.02641.96030.0330
221565_s_atCALHM2Calcium homeostasis modulator 21.43540.01432.36290.0006
209830_s_atSLC9A3R2Solute carrier family 9, subfamily A1.39710.03643.4436<0.0001
219020_atHS1BP3HCLS1 binding protein 31.37940.00261.56820.0089
226488_atRCCD1RCC1 domain containing 11.33710.01271.71110.0054
211143_x_atNR4A1Nuclear receptor subfamily 4, group A, member 11.28000.02641.55530.0159
223415_atRPP25Ribonuclease P/MRP 25 kDa subunit1.26740.03521.80690.0020
207978_s_atNR4A3Nuclear receptor subfamily 4, group A, member 31.24300.03101.44490.0261
(b) Downregulated genes
210631_atNF1Neurofibromin 1−1.67600.0017−1.81290.0228
1569867_atEME2Essential meiotic structure-specific endonuclease−1.41080.0338−1.71980.0406
225160_x_atMDM2MDM2 protooncogene, E3 ubiquitin protein ligase−1.40350.0112−1.54400.0435
1553113_s_atCDK8Cyclin-dependent kinase 8−1.32860.0020−1.66540.0008
224712_x_atSMIM7Small integral membrane protein 7−1.3229<0.0001−1.30190.0067
1552487_a_atBNC1Basonuclin 1−1.31850.0470−1.63840.0311
226881_atGRPEL2GrpE-like 2, mitochondrial (E. coli)−1.31330.0129−1.45880.0332
229027_atPPM1AProtein phosphatase, Mg2+/Mn2+ dependent, 1A−1.30190.0236−1.57770.0173
228397_atTUG1Taurine upregulated 1 (nonprotein coding)−1.27230.0400−1.52520.0285
221203_s_atYEATS2YEATS domain containing 2−1.2717<0.0001−1.30360.0024

The present analysis is restricted to the top 10 upregulated and downregulated genes expressed in HCAEC treated with postprandial sera withdrawn after pork meat meals versus fasting serum.

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