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Cannabinoid Receptor 2 Modulates Neutrophil Recruitment in a Murine Model of Endotoxemia

Figure 5

CB2 knockout mice display elevated neutrophils and monocytes in the bone marrow compared to littermate controls. Male C57BL/6J and CB2 knockout mice (8–10 weeks old) were administered i.p. with 1 mg/kg LPS and innate immune cell population numbers in the bone marrow were assessed for up to 8 hours. Flushed bone marrow cells from the animal femora were stained for neutrophils (CD45+CD11b+Ly-6GhiLy-6C+) and monocytes (CD45+CD11b+Ly-6GmidLy-6C+) by flow cytometry. Representative dot plot graphs from one C57BL/6J (a) and CB2 knockout (b) mouse gated on CD45+CD11b+ cells are shown for the full time course. Pooled data from two independent experiments with 7–10 mice per group and 3–5 mice per group per experiment are shown for neutrophils (c) and monocytes (d). Mean + SEM are represented in all bar graphs and data were analysed with a two-way ANOVA with Sidak’s post hoc multiple comparisons test, .