Research Article

Effect of IRAK-M on Airway Inflammation Induced by Cigarette Smoking

Figure 5

Attenuated airway inflammation and airway resistance, and lower concentration of cytokines in IRAK-M−/− mice after 7-week CS exposure. (a) The total inflammatory cells and differential populations recovered from BAL fluid. (b) Representative photomicrographs of hematoxylin & eosin-stained lung tissues showing that after 7-week CS exposure, IRAK-M KO mice exhibited attenuated pathological characteristics of airway inflammation evidenced by less thickened airway epithelium and less inflammatory cells in the peribronchial area and around vessels compared with the similarly treated WT mice. (c) IRAK-M KO mice showed significantly lower airway resistance compared with WT mice. Results are expressed as means ± SEM, animals per group, , .