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Inhibition of MAPK and STAT3-SOCS3 by Sakuranetin Attenuated Chronic Allergic Airway Inflammation in Mice

Figure 2

Bronchial epithelium area and acid mucus production were reduced by the sakuranetin and dexamethasone treatments compared with the OVA group: (a) bronchial epithelium area; (b) acid mucus in bronchial epithelia; (c) neutral mucus in bronchial epithelia; (d) acid mucus in nasal epithelia; (e) neutral mucus in nasal epithelia. (f) Images represent lung and nasal septal slices stained with PAS+AB from the SAL, OVA, SK, and DX groups at a magnification of ×20. and #. Data represent from 5 to 8 mice per group.