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IL-10 Dampens the Th1 and Tc Activation through Modulating DC Functions in BCG Vaccination

Figure 8

Lung Foxp3+ Treg cells were analyzed after BCG challenged in IL-10KO and WT mice. The mice were treated as described in the legend of Figure 7. Lung single cells were stained with FITC anti-CD3Ɛ, PerCy5.5 anti-CD4, APC anti-CD25, and PE-Foxp3. The Foxp3 expression was analyzed by flow cytometry when cells were gated on CD3Ɛ+CD4+T cells. (a) The representative pictures of Foxp3+CD3Ɛ+CD4+CD25+Tregs were shown. (b) Summary of the frequency of Foxp3+CD25+CD4+T cells in total T cells in the lungs. Data are shown as () and are representative of three independent experiments with similar results. .