Research Article

Inhibition of miR-17~92 Cluster Ameliorates High Glucose-Induced Podocyte Damage

Figure 5

The effect of ABCA1 overexpression on the cell viability, apoptosis, and function of HG-treated MPC5 cells. (a). The expression of ABCA1 mRNA was examined after transfection with overexpression vectors of ABCA1. (b–d) The expression of ABCA1 (b, c) and nephrin (b, d) were detected through Western blotting. (e, f) Cell viability (e) and apoptosis (f) in MPC5 cells were detected through CCK-8 assay and Annexin V/PI double stain assay. , vs. the control group; #, vs. the HG+ov-NC group.