Research Article

The Dopamine D1 Receptor Attenuates Titanium Particle-Induced Inhibition of Osteogenesis by Activating the Wnt Signaling Pathway

Figure 4

Activation of D1R alleviated the inhibition of osteoblast-related pathway protein expression caused by titanium particles. (a, d) Western blots were probed with antibodies against the osteoblast-associated proteins GSK, p-GSK, β-catenin, and p-β-catenin. (b, c) Temporal analysis of osteoblast-related protein expression. (e, f) Quantitative analysis of the expression of the osteoblast-related proteins GSK, p-GSK, β-catenin, and p-β-catenin in the presence of D1R agonists and/or inhibitors. Note: and vs. titanium particle inducer group (without treatment with D1R agonists and/or inhibitors). (g) D1R immunofluorescence staining. Scale bar: 50 μM.