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Immune-Endocrine Cross-Talk in Reproductive Biology and Pathology

Call for Papers

Immune cells products, that is, cytokines, chemokines, eicosanoids, and nitric oxide, primarily participate in host responses to disease or infection but are also involved in homeostatic mechanisms in the reproductive tract. The physiological function of the reproductive tract is dependent on a cross-talk between immune-endocrine factors. Although, the importance of cytokines and other inflammatory mediators on physiological homeostasis in reproductive tract is unique, the molecular, receptor, intra- and intercellular mechanisms mediating immune-endocrine cross-talk are still unknown. Moreover, the mechanism by which the fetal allograft is tolerated by the maternal immune system is still a mystery.

To promote discussion and further development in this exciting area of research, we invite investigators to contribute with original research articles, as well as review articles, that seek to elucidate the role of inflammatory mediators and immune mechanisms of inter- and intraorgan communications within the reproductive tract. We are interested in articles that describe basic mechanisms underlying the contribution of inflammatory mediators to physiological reproductive processes and to the pathogenesis of reproductive disorders and infertility, both in human and other species by using animal models. These articles will also address possible new methods of diagnosis and current concepts of treatment using anti-inflammatory and immune-modulating agents. Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Cytokines and other inflammatory mediators on the central regulation of reproductive processes
  • Cytokines and chemokines as local regulators of the estrous cycle and pregnancy
  • Sex steroids modulatory effects on immune system
  • Immunological regulation of embryo/fetal-maternal cross-talk including the role of antigen presenting molecules
  • Immune regulated aspects of male reproduction and contraception
  • Lipid mediators in physiology and pathology of reproduction
  • Glucocorticoids in physiology and pathology of reproduction
  • Nitric oxide and other angiogenic factors in physiology and pathology of reproduction
  • Cytokines and other inflammatory mediators effects on cell biology, especially on different cell death modalities and cell-to-cell communication
  • Inflammatory processes in the uterus
  • Inflammatory mediators and carcinogenesis in the reproductive tract

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