Table 5: Views on robotic surgery education method.

Question Response

Should more time be dedicated to robotic surgery training during general surgery residency? ()Yes (52.63%)
No (47.37%)

Should more time be dedicated to robotic simulation training prior to resident console use in the operating room? ()Yes (84.21%)
No (15.79%)

How should proficiency/mastery of robotic surgery be determined? ()Number of cases completed (20%%) 
Level of involvement on RS cases (40%)
Other (40%

Do you believe a fellowship in robotic surgery should be required to safely perform robotic surgery cases? ()Yes (15.79%)
No (84.21%)

selecting “other,” respondents were requested to further elaborate. The responses included () measured performance of surgeons with excellent robotic surgery outcomes, validated metrics, a combination of standardized evaluation, competency evaluations, and procedures, PD evaluation, and EPA’s such as -- can the resident dock/can the resident dissect/can the resident maneuver the camera/change. Instruments/can the resident sew simple versus complex cases, and OSATs.