Wireless mobile networks and devices are becoming increasingly popular to provide users the access anytime and anywhere. We are witnessing now an unprecedented demand for wireless networks to support both data and real-time multimedia traffic. The wireless mobile systems are based on cellular approach and the area is covered by cells that overlap each other. In mobile cellular systems the handover is a very important process. Many handover algorithms are proposed in the literature. However, to make a better handover and keep the QoS in wireless networks is very difficult task. For this reason, new intelligent algorithms should be implemented to deal with this problem. In this paper, we carried out a comparison study of two handover systems based on fuzzy logic. We implement two Fuzzy-Based Handover Systems (FBHS) called FBHS1 and FBHS2. The performance evaluation via simulations shows that FBHS2 has better behavior than FBHS1 and can avoid ping-pong effect in all simulation cases.