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Research Article

A Planning and Optimization Framework for Ultra Dense Cellular Deployments

Table 1

Evaluation setting and parameters.

General setting

Candidate locations ()368Carrier freq.2.6 GHzBandwidth ()20 MHz
Building materialBrick, 10 cmNumber of pixels350000Number of PRBs100
Max. BS transmit power ()30 dBmPixels’ resolution m2Path lossWinProp ray tracing [27]
BS’s height7 mNoise power ()−174 dBm/HzShadowing [dB]
Cell selection ()One server/highest Rx. powerRx. power ()−126 dBmSmall scale fad.As in [28]
Link performance ()Shannon’s formulaCov. ()0.02 (2%)
Max. path loss ()−163.40 dBAntenna patternOmnidirectional180
Spatial user distributionUniformSINR ()−10.0 dB

Calibration of NSGA-II

Population size 100Crossover prob.1.00Type of var.Discrete
Mutation prob. Termination crit. Hypervolume , [17]