Table 1: Issues to be investigated and survey questions.


(1) Being aware of developers of the applications and their repositoriesI check the developers of the applications I install
I install applications only from official repositories such as App Store and Play Store

(2) Being aware of EULA and resources that an application can accessI read the end-user license agreement (EULA) of my applications
I pay attention to what my applications can access, run, and activate on my mobile

(3) Being aware of smartphone user responsibilitiesIn case of an unpermitted use, it is enough to say “someone else has done it”
The government protects me, I do not have to take any additional precautions
The service provider is responsible for cybersecurity

(4) Being aware of risks of uncontrolled internet connectionsMy GSM data connection is not always on
I do not use open Wi-Fi connections in public places

(5) Being aware of risks of storing credentials on smartphonesI do not store my credentials on the smartphone for financial applications (I have to enter my credentials each time I use the application)
My social media accounts are not always on (I have to enter my PW each time I get connected)

(6) Being aware of technical measuresI encrypt my files stored on smartphones
I use antivirus programs