Mobile Information Systems

Interaction and Experience Design and Evaluation Issues in Mobile Information Systems

Publishing date
01 Jul 2021
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12 Mar 2021

1Veritas University, Abuja, Nigeria

2Universiti Utara Malaysia, Sintok, Malaysia

3Karabuk University, Karabuk, Turkey

Interaction and Experience Design and Evaluation Issues in Mobile Information Systems

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User experience (UX) research for mobile information systems is an emerging research area that is still in its infancy. Generally, UX forms the fifth and current generation of the human-computer interaction (HCI) domain, which has shifted focus in the last two decades toward measuring user experience. The growth of the mobile phone and device market represents an ever-increasing opportunity for the expansion and penetration of mobile information systems with their attendant personal, industrial, and business gains.

However, the context of the use of mobile information systems presents great challenges, especially with respect to mobile interaction, usability, and experience. The peculiarity of mobile phones and devices (for example, smallness of screen size, non-traditional input methods, and mobility) makes usability and interaction challenging, which in turn affects the users’ perception of the mobile information system interface. User interaction, usability, and experience are central issues for mobile device design, service, and evaluation because users of mobile information systems need to access various functionalities via limited user interfaces, often while they are on the move. This in turn affects users' perceptions of mobile application design, as well as the marketability of such mobiles and the return on investment that follows. The UX research field has often been criticised for the lack of a commonly agreed approach to the understanding and measuring of the notion and phenomenon of experience. Although UX is widely adopted by academics and practitioners, there is no consensus on a theoretical model for its design or evaluation. This is true generally for all systems and particularly true in the domain of mobile information systems. UX is context-dependent and user perceptions of experience often change over time due to its dynamic and subjective nature. This phenomenon has not been adequately explored and addressed in prior research. The dynamic nature of user interaction and experience in the mobile context portends a challenge both to UX design and evaluation activities in the mobile information system field and is therefore open for investigation.

This Special Issue aims to explore and address the issues associated with UX, particularly with respect to its context-dependent and dynamic nature and changing user perceptions. We welcome both original research and review articles investigating issues in interaction and experience design and evaluation in mobile information systems.

Potential topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • Interaction design and evaluation issues in mobile information systems
  • Experience design and evaluation issues in mobile information systems
  • Anthropomorphic experiences of mobile information system design
  • Evaluation of humanism aspects of mobile information design
  • Emerging issues in the usability of mobile information systems
  • Mobile information systems and users' wellbeing
  • Ergonomic issues in mobile information system design and evaluation
  • Designing mobile information systems for user hedonics
  • Product morality and utilitarian design of mobile information systems
  • Cognitive, pragmatic, behavioural, and affective concerns in mobile information system design and evaluation
Mobile Information Systems
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