Table 3: The errors and the a posterior error estimate of in Example 6.1 at mesh point ( , in combination coefficient).


0.1 7.256E−03 −2.096E−03 2.280E−05 2.580E−03 4.676E−03
0.2 4.454E−03 −1.246E−03 4.548E−05 1.604E−03 2.850E−03
0.3 4.207E−03 −1.184E−03 3.705E−05 1.511E−03 2.696E−03
0.4 4.472E−03 −1.254E−03 4.324E−05 1.609E−03 2.863E−03
0.5 4.976E−03 −1.388E−03 5.327E−05 1.794E−03 3.182E−03
0.6 5.646E−03 −1.568E−03 6.621E−05 2.039E−03 3.607E−03
0.7 6.465E−03 −1.787E−03 8.219E−05 2.339E−03 4.126E−03
0.8 7.436E−03 −2.046E−03 1.017E−04 2.695E−03 4.741E−03
0.9 8.577E−03 −2.350E−03 1.257E−04 3.114E−03 5.463E−03
1.0 9.917E−03 −2.704E−03 1.555E−04 3.607E−03 6.310E−03

Maximum error 9.917E−03 2.704E−03 1.555E−04 3.607E−03 6.310E−03