Mathematical Problems in Engineering / 2011 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

Interior Noise Prediction of the Automobile Based on Hybrid FE-SEA Method

Table 1

Subsystem division and properties of the hybrid FE-SEA model.


Left-front doorSE curved plateRight-front doorSE curved plate
Left-rear doorSE curved plateRight-rear doorSE curved plate
Left-front window glassSE plateRight-front window glassSE plate
Left-rear window glassSE plateRight-rear window glassSE plate
Front windshieldSE plateRear windshieldSE plate
Front floorSE plateRear floorSE plate
Left-rear side wallSE curved plateRight-rear side wallSE curved plate
Left A-pillarFERight A-pillarFE
Left B-pillarFERight B-pillarFE
Left C-pillarFERight C-pillarFE
Left-front fenderSE curved plateRight-front fenderSE curved plate
Left-rear fenderSE curved plateRight-rear fenderSE curved plate
Left-front mudguardSE curved plateRight-front mudguardSE curved plate
Left-rear mudguardSE curved plateRight-rear mudguardSE curved plate
Left-front shock towerFERight-front shock towerFE
Front bumperSE curved plateRear bumperSE curved plate
Left longitudinal beamFERight longitudinal beamFE
TrunkSE curved plateEngine hoodSE plate
RoofSE curved plateTrunk floorSE plate
Passenger compartment cavitySE cavityTrunk cavitySE cavity