1. Initialization. Generate a population of size N (N > (n + 1)).
2. Constraint handling method
 2.1 The Gradient Repair Method. Repair particles that violate the constraints by
  directing the infeasible solution toward the feasible region.
 2.2 Identify solutions (that fulfill the constraint conditions) and arrange them in the
  order of good to bad.
3. Nelder-Mead Method. Apply NM operator to the top n + 1 particles and update the
  (n + 1)th particle.
4. PSO Method. Apply PSO operator for updating the particles.
 4.1 Selection. Select the global best particle and the neighborhood best particle from
  the population.
 4.2 Velocity Update. Apply velocity updates to the particles
until the condition is fulfilled.
Algorithm 1: Pseudocode of the proposed hybrid NM-PSO algorithm.