Research Article

An Innovative Design Methodology KKBDCA for Affective Product Development

Table 7

The design reference: the sample with high CSI score.

Sample N15Weightings

Design categoryDesign elementsPCC ( ) PCC ( ) PCC ( )

X2 X230.0000.0000.000
X3 X331.0921.2350.940
X4 X420.0000.0000.000
X5 X510.0000.0000.000
X6 X620.0000.0000.000
X7 X720.109−0.1450.061
X8 X810.6200.342−0.302
X9 X910.2620.1150.286
X10 X1020.1380.3310.332
X11 X112−0.0840.3080.445

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