Table 1: The literature comparison.

AuthorsAuthors’ proposalOur proposal

Lupse et al. [16]Data exchange using HL7 CDA standard from various cloud sources.All data reside in 1 cloud cluster to enable better control of data dissemination.
Ahuja et al. [17]Tighten login credential and privilege grant.Totally mask patient data from IT personnel.
Kumar et al. [18] Examine security concerns in data hosting in public cloud.On-premise virtualized private cloud hosting to reduce variables on security and privacy.
Padhy et al. [19]Security issue in converting paper records to online records.Having on-premise private cloud to host the data almost equivalent to in-house data recording on papers.
Hamlen et al. [20]Security concern during mapping of VM to physical machines, during VM migration.The cloud architecture in this paper does not envisage VM migration, where resource scalability can be achieved by expanding existing VM.