Mathematical Problems in Engineering / 2014 / Article / Alg 1

Research Article

The Dynamic Model Embed in Augmented Graph Cuts for Robust Hand Tracking and Segmentation in Videos

Algorithm 1

An overview of the proposed algorithm.
Step  1. Initialization (at time )
(i)  : the number of tracked hands
(ii) : the displacement of one interesting point from time to
(iii) : minimum number of interesting points
(iv) Manually Initialize the sets , (such as at time in Figures 612)
   , .
(v)  Find interesting points in via good-feature-to-track [7, 21].
   For at time
Step  2.
(i)  Find interesting points using via optical flow [22].
(ii) If obtain the final interest points .
(iii) Compute the hands mean velocity , using via (11).
(iv) Predict the sets , using .
Step  3.
   Build the graph and apply -expansion via (19).
Step  4.
   If < (the number of interest points below a given threshold )
   Update interesting points in the region via good-feature-to-track [7, 21].
   If <
  Return to Step  2.