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A New Method for Fracturing Wells Reservoir Evaluation in Fractured Gas Reservoir

Table 1

The comprehensive comparison of various logging information.

Logging information Low angle fracture High angle fracture

Full waveform logging Longitudinal and transverse wave energy attenuation and shear wave attenuation are greater Longitudinal wave energy has an obvious attenuation and subsequent wave interference
Acoustic variable density log Longitudinal and transverse wave grey scale stripe becomes shallow, appearing as herringbone interference stripe Interference fringes appear in the longitudinal and transverse wave
Dual laterolog Appears as low resistivity and negative difference in the range of 10 to two thousand Resistivity appears as positive anomalies about below the surrounding rock and it is around hundreds of ohm meters
Acoustic logging Appears as high sonic differential time and cyclical jumping phenomenon Not shown obviously
Dual laterolog Not shown obviouslySometimes it appears as rough borehole
Lithodensity log peak anomaly and increase if there is barite mud increase is not obvious with mud barite presence