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A Sensitivity Analysis Approach to Identify Key Environmental Performance Factors

Table 2

The economic and environmental information of a PCB manufacture system.

CommodityProduction of prepregProduction of copperProduction of electricityCore laminationEtchHole desmearProduction of PCBProduction of waste prepregProduction of waste copper

g prepreg100000−320.6100000
g copper010000−410.8900000
MJ electricity001−68.7−22.9−45.8−91.600
m2 bared PCB0001−10000
m2 etched board00001−1000
m2 holed board000001−100
m2 PCB000000100
g waste prepreg00013.33036.35010000
g waste copper00018.636.7710.9735.5201000
g carbon dioxide4160376134132.2752.952.926.4521002300
g sulfur14414159.85.8562.34242.34241.171212078
g nitrogen21511522.31.6540.62560.62560.312810580