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Sustainability-Related Decision Making in Industrial Buildings: An AHP Analysis

Table 2

Breakdown of the scopes of study.

Industrial Building Sustainability Index (IBSI)
Scope of studyWeightCriterionDesignationWeight

SS1 Safety16.67%CR1.1Structural safety against fire19%
CR1.2Safety and health in the execution procedure37%
CR1.3Safety measures in the construction process19%
CR1.4Maintenance and conservation of the industrial plant10%
CR1.5Safety against intruders5%
CR1.6Safety and health during deconstruction10%

SS2 Society16.67%CR2.1External mobility43%
CR2.2Respect for the urban environment14%
CR2.3Auxiliary services for personnel43%

SS3 Environment16.67%CR3.1Integration in the natural environment6%
CR3.2Environmental impact during construction17%
CR3.3Use of ecological materials10%
CR3.4Environmental impact during utilization34%
CR3.5Waste management during utilization10%
CR3.6Impact of materials from demolition23%

SS4 economy16.67%CR4.1Cost of executing the work17%
CR4.2Construction timeframe12%
CR4.3Cost of supplies32%
CR4.4Cost of maintenance32%
CR4.5Cost of building demolition7%

SS5 Functionality16.67%CR5.1Performance of the building in use6%
CR5.2Constructability of ease of construction11%
CR5.3Quality of internal environment23%
CR5.6Ease of maintenance11%
CR5.7Auxiliary production services4%

SS6 corporate image16.67%CR6.1Integration in the urban environment20%
CR6.2Brand image of the firm60%
CR6.3Aesthetic maintenance of the building20%