Mathematical Problems in Engineering / 2015 / Article / Alg 2

Research Article

An Effective Hybrid of Bees Algorithm and Differential Evolution Algorithm in Data Clustering

Algorithm 2

Pseudocode of Basic Bee Algorithm.
(1) Initialize population with random solutions. ( scout bees are placed randomly in the search space.)
(2) Evaluate fitness of the population.
(3) While (Repeat optimization cycles for the specified number)
(4) Select sites for neighborhood search. (Bee that have the highest fitness are chosen as “selected” and
   sites visited by them are chosen for neighborhood search.)
(5) Recruit bees for selected sites (more bees for best sites) and evaluate fitness.
(6) Select the fittest bee from each patch. (For each patch, only the bee with the highest fitness will be
   selected to form the next bee population.)
(7) Assign remaining bees to search randomly and evaluate their fitness.
(8) End While