Research Article

Performance Requirements on Remodeling Apartment Housing and TOPSIS Evaluation

Table 3

Constructability evaluation index for remodeling and PIS/NIS.

Performance sectionsNumberCategories and itemsEvaluation index

9.1Duration of design (unit: days)Gr. 3
9.2Duration of the initiation of manufacturing (unit: days)Gr. 3
9.3Duration per construction unit (unit: days)Gr. 3
9.4Demanding crews (unit: crews/unit)Gr. 3
9.5Demanding hypothesis per construction unit (hypothesis/unit)Gr. 3
9.6Quality safety (reliability)
9.7Easiness of clamping to and removal from existing elements
9.8Level of difficulty for curingGr. 3
9.9Workability and capacity for fine-tuning at work site
9.10Work compatibility

Work safety10.1Safety for construction workGr. 3
10.2Safety for maintenanceGr. 3

Energy conservation11.1Energy consumption at production stageGr. 3
11.2Water consumption at production stageGr. 3

Eco-friendliness12.1Release of hazardous volatile substancesGr. 3
12.2Dust at production stageGr. 3
12.3Noise at production stageGr. 3