Mathematical Problems in Engineering / 2015 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

Use of a Combination of AHP and ISM for Making an Innovative Rescue Caring Design in Landslide Area

Table 2

The comparisons of possible rescue carriers.

ItemType l
Helicopter/S70-C4WD /Hummer H1ATV (500 cc)

(1) FlexibilityXOnly has 4.5 hr endurance capacity.Affected by road conditions.Almost not influenced by road conditions

(2) Max of loading capability9,000 lb.6,000 lb.440 lb.

(3) Approaching disaster areaXNeed appropriate space to land, and only can hang or air drop.Not easy to drive on mountain road collapse.Capable of driving on bad road condition.

(4) Cost of operationX800 thousand/time.Consumption is higher than usual cars. Lower than usual cars.

(5) PriceXAbout $27,000,000.About $130,000.About $11,000.

(6) UniversalityGovernment agencies.In government agencies, civil society groups.Civil society groups.

The description of mark: ⊚, excellent; ◯, good; X, poor.