Mathematical Problems in Engineering / 2015 / Article / Tab 4

Research Article

Use of a Combination of AHP and ISM for Making an Innovative Rescue Caring Design in Landslide Area

Table 4

Issues of interview for AHP.

NumberIssuesInterview perspectives

1Crossing the harsh terrain(1) When rescuing people, drowning in sandbar, river, and (2) forest fires, industrial roads, dirt roads, gravel, and grass.

2Supporting rescue(1) Support “general vehicles” or “fire trucks” to reach any place; (2) reach streams coast of river to rescue drowning.

3Carrying subsistence equipment(1) Portable Oxygen supply, (2) capability of carrying equipment, (3) rescuers can reduce excess physical exertion.

4Flexibility of ATV(1) Lightweight, (2) May across 1.5~1.8 meters road drop, (3) climbing ability is adapted to the steep slope.

5Using of the rear frame(1) ATV’s body gravity is too high, (2) Unsafe throttle control knob. (3) It is poor to use, body is too light, cannot be well fixed. (4) Limited driving distance owing to finite capacity of oil tank

6Need of a stretcher (1) For carrying the injured from landslides terrain, (2) the patient cannot sit in the ATV.

7Having the shock effect(1) Prevent the harsh shocking and (2) avoiding insult to injured patients.