Mathematical Problems in Engineering / 2015 / Article / Alg 1

Research Article

A Soft Shadow Detection Method Based on MRF for Remote Sensing Images

Algorithm 1

Procedure detectShadow()
 solveAlpha()/By (6)/
 / is an array records the parameter alpha for each pixel site/
/By (7)/
/By (1)/
 /By (8)/
 initSeg  histogramOpacity()
 /Obtain the initial segment according to the histogram of probability computed through the opacity, /
while (iter ≤ maxIter)
 /Apply the feature condition probability iteratively until the algorithm reaches the maximum iteration number /
   priorPercent (seg, )
  /By Potts model/
  /In the first iteration, seg = initSeg/
  seg  MAPcriteria(, )
  /Segment the image into shadows and nonshadows using the MAP criteria./
= seg;