Table 1: Brief summary of solving strategies for production planning and scheduling optimization.

Literature worksResearch domain and approach

[20, 21]Decomposing according to the structure of integrated model;
iterative standard mathematical programming approach.

[2224]Decomposing according to the structure of integrated model;
Laplace relaxation decomposition approach.

[2528]Solve production planning problem under total capacity constraint;
ensure the feasibility of scheduling layer.

[29]Single-stage continuous multiproducts workshop;
simultaneous optimization of production planning and scheduling.

[30]Pharmaceutical industry; layered iterative solution;
multiscale planning and scheduling model.

[31] Production planning and scheduling integrated optimization problem;
standard mathematical programming approach.

[32]Operating workshop; linear programming solution;
production planning and scheduling integrated optimization.

[33]Single-stage production system; linear programming solution;
batch determination and scheduling sequence optimization model.