Mathematical Problems in Engineering / 2016 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

High-Speed X-Ray Transmission and Numerical Study of Melt Flows inside the Molten Pool during Laser Welding of Aluminum Alloy

Table 1

Physical and thermal properties of 6056 aluminum alloy.


Solid densitykg⋅m−32720
Liquid densitykg⋅m−32590
Solidus temperatureK860
Liquidus temperatureK917
Boiling temperatureK2740
Latent heat of fusionJ⋅kg−13.87 × 105
Latent heat of vaporJ⋅kg−11.08 × 107
Thermal expansion coefficientK−11.92 × 10−5
Convective heat transfer coefficientW⋅K−1⋅m−215
Surface tension N⋅m−10.914
Surface tension gradientN⋅m−1⋅K−1−3.5 × 10−4
Radiation emissivity0.08
Ambient temperatureK300