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Research Article

A Fisher’s Criterion-Based Linear Discriminant Analysis for Predicting the Critical Values of Coal and Gas Outbursts Using the Initial Gas Flow in a Borehole

Table 2

The results of the outburst simulation experiments and IGFB prediction.

Sequence numberCoal sampleGas typeGas pressure (MPa)Outburst situationThrow-out rate (%)Results of outburst simulationIGFB (L)Predicted results of IGFB

1Wangchao coal mine, Shandong, ChinaN20.279Coal wall without damage0Nonoutburst2.95Nonoutburst
2Wuzhong coal mine, Hebei, ChinaN20.326Coal wall without damage0Nonoutburst13.91Nonoutburst
3Fenghui coal mine, Shanxi, ChinaN20.326Coal wall with slight damage0Nonoutburst17.74Nonoutburst
4Wuzhong coal mine, Hebei, ChinaCO20.154Coal wall without damage0Nonoutburst27.74Nonoutburst
5Yiluo coal mine, Henan, ChinaCO20.216The quality of thrown coal is 2.1 kg2.25Nonoutburst30.98Nonoutburst
6Xuehu coal mine, Henan, ChinaCO20.216The quality of thrown coal is 4.1 kg5.13Weak outburst40.90Weak outburst
7Yiluo coal mine, Henan, ChinaCO20.387The quality of thrown coal is 8.1 kg8.66Weak outburst43.75Weak outburst
8Fenghui coal mine, Shanxi, ChinaCO20.346The quality of thrown coal is 39.1 kg40.54Strong outburst89.29Strong outburst