Research Article

Prediction Model for Brake-Drum Temperature of Large Trucks on Consecutive Mountain Downgrade Routes Based on Energy Conservation Law

Table 1

Parameter values.

Parameter nameSymbolUnitValue

Number of axles6
Weight of brake drumkg60
Heat capacity of brake drumJ/(kg·°C)545
Gross truck weightt30,35,40,45,50
Gravitational accelerationm/s29.8
Height differencem200,300,400,500,600
Slope lengthkm3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10
Drag coefficient0.8
Windward area of the truckm28.75
Air densityN•s2•m−41.2258
External surface of the brake drumm20.45
Initial temperature of the brake drum°C50
Environmental temperature°C25
Emissivity of the brake drum0.65
Radiance of the black bodyW/(m2•K4)5.6710−8