Research Article

Risk Identification and Quantitative Evaluation Method for Asset Integrity Management of Offshore Platform Equipment and Facilities

Table 5

Evaluation criteria of the failure severity ().

Quantitative scoreConsequencesSafety risk Environmental riskEconomic loss riskMaintenance cost risk

1SlightNo harm: it will not affect or result in disability.Slight influence: there is a certain environmental impact within the scope of the project.⩽¥20 thousand (nothing)⩽¥50 thousand

2CommonlyPrimary injury: short-term working hours lead to loss of work performance, such as limited mobility or complete recovery (not more than a week) in a few days.Smaller impact: there was a situation that exceeded the statutory or prescribed environmental emission limits and had no sustained impact on the environment.¥20∼100 thousand (⩽3 hours)¥50∼100 thousand

3SecondaryMedium injury: resulting in permanent disability or loss of long-term working hours, such as a longer period of stay (more than a week).Local influence: emissions of known toxic substances cause limited pollution, exceeding the statutory or specified environmental emission limits or emissions required by the project.¥0.1∼1million (3∼6 hours)¥0.1∼0.5million

4SeriousSerious injuries: permanent disability and even death.Serious influence: a variety of environmental damage is caused; a large number of measures need to be taken to repair the environmental pollution; substantially exceed the statutory or prescribed environmental emission limits.¥1∼5million (6∼168 hours)¥0.5∼5million

5DisasterMany deaths: several fatal accidents have also occurred, including accidents that may cause death (such as explosions).Disaster impact: it creates a variety of persistent environmental damage or damage areas, and the diffusion surface is very large; for a long time, it exceeds the statutory or prescribed environmental emission limits.¥5million (168 hours)¥5million