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Review Article

Content-Based Image Retrieval and Feature Extraction: A Comprehensive Review

Table 1

A summary of the performance of color features.


Duanmu [25]Image retrievalColor moment invariantCOIL-1000.985
Wang et al. [26]Content-based image retrievalIntegrated color and texture featuresCorel0.613
Zhang et al. [27]Object recognitionComplete set of pseudo-Zernike invariantsCOIL-100
Guo et al. [28]Content-based image retrievalError diffusion block truncation coding featuresCorel0.797
Shao et al. [24]Image retrievalMPEG-7 dominant color descriptorCorel0.8964
Liu et al. [29]Region-based image retrievalHigh-level semantics using decision tree learningCorel0.768
Islam et al. [30]Automatic categorization of image regionsDominant color-based vector quantizationCorel0.9767
Jiexian et al. [31]Content-based image retrievalMultiscale distance coherence vector algorithmMPEG-7 image database0.97