Mathematical Problems in Engineering / 2019 / Article / Alg 1

Research Article

Emotion Recognition Based on Framework of BADEBA-SVM

Algorithm 1

Binary adaptive differential evolution bat algorithm.

Require: Objective function Fitness(), =
Initialize the bat population , , , , and
Define pulse frequency at
Initialize pulse rate and the loudness
  while  t < Max number of iterations do
  Generate new solutions by adjusting frequency, and updating velocities and locations/solutions
   according to Eq.(1)-Eq.(3)
if  rand >   then
  Select a solution among the best solutions
  Generate a local solution around the selected best solution
  end if
  Generate a new solution by flying randomly according to Eq.(4)
if  rand<&&f()<f(x)  then
  Accept the new solutions
  Increase and reduce according to Eq.(5) and Eq.(6)
end if
  Mutate using Eq. (14)
  Crossover operation using Eq.(8)
  Select operation using Eq.(9), find the current best x
  end while
Output Result