Research Article

Analysis of Business Environment and Medical Insurance Coverage Rates in the Destination of China’s Migrant Population: Based on Geographically and Temporally Weighted Regression Model for Panel Data

Table 1

Business environment evaluation index system and weights.

Primary indicatorsSecondary indicatorsExplanation of indicatorsDirectionWeight

MacroeconomicsGDP per capitaGDP per capitaPositive0.2902
Average wage levelAverage wage of employeesPositive0.2534
Consumption rateFinal consumption expenditure/GDPPositive0.0973
Fixed asset investment per capitaFixed assets/resident populationPositive0.3438
GDP growth rateGDP growth ratePositive0.0153

Policy environmentGovernment interventionLocal fiscal expenditure/GDPPositive0.0178
Corporate tax burdenTaxes and surcharges on main business/total profitNegative0.9822

InfrastructureUrban road area per capitaUrban road area/resident populationPositive0.1323
Number of beds in health institutionsNumber of beds in health institutionsPositive0.2576
Power supply capacityElectricity consumption of the whole societyPositive0.3177
Freight capacityTotal cargo volumePositive0.2824